Signs You Need a Septic System Repair or Replacement in Wayne and Ashland Counties, Ohio

Septic systems are widely used in Wayne and Ashland counties, Ohio; ensuring they are in good working condition is critical. A well-designed septic system processes wastewater, making residential waste disposal safe for the environment and human health. Understanding the signs that indicate the need for septic system repair is critical to avoiding costly problems. Here are five key indicators to look out for:

Slow Drains and Sewage Backup

Slow-draining facilities such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are common early indicators of problems with the septic system. These signs suggest that the septic tank is full or that there is a blockage in the pipes. Backups are dangerous because they introduce untreated sewerage into the home, endangering the family's health and causing property damage.

Foul Odors Around Your Property

Suppose foul odors are persistently detected in random locations of your compound, particularly in a septic tank or the drain field. In that case, you must conclude that the septic system is faulty. These odors are often due to chlorinous or rusty gas leakage from untreated sewage, indicating leakage or the possibility of more sewage.

Foul odors indicate that wastes are not adequately treated and confined, which may lead to pollution and other adverse effects on health.

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The source of the smell must be identified to prevent leaks and odors from spreading throughout the building. It could include tank-body ANK cracks, clogged pipes, or, in the worst-case scenario, replacing the entire tank system.

Lush, Green Grass Over The Drain Field

Although emerald-greenish grass is always pleasing to the eye, its overgrowth and density over the septic drain field indicate a pending disaster. It often implies that a septic system discharges effluents containing moisture and nutrients into the ground.

Pooling Water On Your Property

Efflorescence on the concrete structures around the septic tank is a sign of system failure and leaking around the drain field. It is due to a blocked or poorly functioning drain field where the wastewater is supposed to drain and percolate through the soil before evaporation. Water accumulating on the ground is aesthetically unpleasing and dangerous to one's health since it harbors bacteria and other pathogenic organisms.

Age Of The Septic System and The Increased Need For Maintenance

It is essential to know that septic systems usually have a lifespan of about 20–30 years. If your system falls in the range of 4-5 or even higher, it will most likely fail. Periodically, check-ups are necessary to assess the system's wear and tear, which can be partially rectified but ultimately requires replacement.

Furthermore, if you feel that your septic tank is filling up with wastewater faster than usual, it may suggest a problem, such as a problem with the drain field or your tank size being too small. If you are experiencing any concerns in regard to your septic tank or need to hire professionals to install a new septic tank, we invite you to contact Eagle Eye Excavation & Construction today! We have the knowledge and experience to give you that peace of mind you need when dealing with a septic system in Ashland or Wayne County, Ohio.