New Site Development and Lot Clearing with Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction?

Building or enlarging a structure, landscaping, and many other reasons require professional lot clearing. The process can vary from a straightforward clearing to a carefully selected removal of trees. In either instance, the work involves a team of skilled professionals with the expertise to do it correctly and safely. Understanding the processes involved can make it easier for landowners to plan their projects more effectively.

Preparing for Work

Site preparation involves inspection and surveying the site to determine the equipment needed, the potential risks involved, and the time required to complete the work. The surface stability, elevation changes, and the condition of the trees on the lot can all factor into the plan. Additional concerns may include the risks of power lines and the traffic on nearby roadways.

Inspecting and plotting out the process ensures a safe and efficient clearing. The initial preparation can include a right-of-way clearing that enables work crews to access the lot. Right-of-way clearing may occur on the lot scheduled for clearing, on an adjacent property, or through a previously cleared section of the land. The process allows the team to bring all the equipment and remove debris.

new site development and lot clearing

Removal of Trees

A clearing will usually involve removing multiple trees, but some should remain. Mature trees increase property values, provide shade and beauty, and help reduce soil erosion. Removal of any unsafe trees and those in the way should occur first. Pruning the remaining trees can ensure they are healthy and will provide as much visual appeal as possible. A property inspection will include mapping the trees to determine what must go and what will remain.

Removal of Stumps

Stump removal and grinding happen after removing the trees. The cleanup from this process also includes the removal of all tree debris. Stump removal can occur for trees removed during the clearing and stumps already on the property from previously felled trees. Grinding and removing tree stumps prevents their regrowth, provides a smoother surface, and makes other groundwork tasks easier. Reseeding helps cover the bare spots where the tree once stood on a grass-covered lot.

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction offers a professional land improvement service designed to provide people with the cleared space they need while preserving what makes the lot valuable and appealing. Careful preparation ensures the property owner has the perfect location for their plans.