Ready to Install a Septic System in Morrow County, Ohio? Hire a Professional Excavator!

Have your eye on a prime piece of land and want to buy it and build a new home in Morrow County, Ohio? Great choice! You might even be dreaming of a adding a big garden, as Morrow County was named for its fertile soil. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, there is a lot of other planning to be done.

For example, if the property is not presently served by municipal sewers, you'll need to install a septic system. So where do you begin?

Have the Property Perc Tested First

Before you purchase any property to build a home, you'll first want to contact the Morrow County, Ohio public health district to find out how to go about having it perc tested. A perc (short for percolation) test measures the rate that water is absorbed into the soil. If the rate is inadequate, you may not be able to build a house on the property. The size of the lot, the soil type and the water table will also play a role in the type of septic system that will work best.

Obtain Health Department Approval and Permits

Morrow County Public Health will determine if the lot you're interested in can support a septic system, its placement, and specifications and whether it meets State code and health district rules. Once you're clear to build, you're clear to buy.

septic system

Hire a Professional Excavator

Once you're cleared to break ground for your Morrow County, Ohio new home, you should line up a professional excavator. And it's not just to do the heavy lifting.

While it is often the role of a civil engineer to calculate the size and specifications of a septic system, a professional excavator licensed to install septic systems or working with a licensed installer should also know the parameters of the job.

A professional excavator will know how deeply to dig for the septic tank placement. An excavator should also know the size, number and placement of trenches that need to be dug for the perforated effluent distribution pipes that will be positioned in them. And, yes, a professional will have the correct heavy equipment to do the digging and to lift and lay the gravel in your trench beds that the pipes will rest on.

Completion and Final Inspection

Once everything is installed before covering the pipes, the sewer system should be inspected to ensure everything is in order and the work has been completed to code. The exposed pipes can then be covered up.

Why a Professional Excavator is Critical for Septic System Installations

A newly installed septic system that doesn't meet code may result in hefty fines. After all, a poorly installed system poses a serious health risk. Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction, serving Morrow County, Ohio, are knowledgeable about local health codes and will adhere to them stringently. Our reputation depends on it.

When you hire a licensed, professional excavator for your sewer system installation, you'll have peace of mind knowing that phase of construction has been completed correctly. Now you'll just have to focus on building the house of your dreams.

And adding that garden!