Excavation and Septic Projects in Huron & Morrow Counties, Ohio, With Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction

When it comes to any construction project, whether it's a small residential project or a large commercial one, choosing the right excavating and construction company is crucial. You want a team that is professional, experienced, and knowledgeable to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standard. In Huron & Morrow Counties, Ohio, Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction is the top choice for any excavating and construction needs.

Excavation, Septic, & Construction at Its Best

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction is proud to deliver a high level of professionalism in all we do. The communication, project management, and workmanship are consistently professional from the beginning of the consultation through the end of the project. We appreciate the role of good communication in the successful performance of any task, and therefore, keep our clients updated at all stages. We are committed to customer satisfaction to meet our clients’ expectations.

Septic & Excavation Expertise

With decades in the industry, Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction has rich experience in different types of septic systems and maintenance, excavation, and construction projects. We have completed projects of all ranges, that is, from single-family residences to big commercial projects.


This in turn, has provided our team with the ability to deal with the grey areas of a project with ease. We are knowledgeable of state-of-the-art methods and technology used in the industry, which results in clients receiving first class services.

Excavation Projects Big & Small in Huron & Morrow Counties, Ohio

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction not only has the knowledge for your excavation project, but our skill level is the best around because of the numerous projects we have completed over the years. We are highly skilled and able to work around any issues that may come up to ensure you are left with a completed job to last for years to come. Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction will complete each phase of a project according to specifications and within a reasonable time frame. Our team gets continuous training and development to improve and be kept in the know about the latest industry standards and practices.

Excavation & Construction Equipment on Hand

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction owns all our own machines and necessary equipment to complete your excavation and construction project, which not only allows us to complete the best work in the county, but also within a better time frame than other companies in the area. Using modern machines, we are able to manage any excavation and construction project easily, and with accuracy.

Affordable Excavation & Construction

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction use cost effective end results that are quality. We offer affordable prices with transparency, fair contracts which indicate all the services and costs of a project with no hidden costs providing our clients with peace-of-mind and protection from any hidden costs or additional charges.

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction is the best choice for your local excavation and construction project in Huron and Morrow Counties, Ohio. We are highly experienced, have a deep knowledge in the industry, and a efficient team. We welcome you to call us today and experience the Eagle Eye difference!