Why Hire a Professional Excavator in Richland County, Ohio?

Whether you're adding a new inground pool at your home or overseeing a multi-faceted commercial project razing one building to put up another in its place, you need to hire a professional excavator to safely and efficiently complete the job on time.

Excavation Work Requires Heavy Equipment with Skilled Operators

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction is your local, licensed, insured and experienced contractor certified to operate excavators, backhoes, and other heavy equipment, you don't want them anywhere on a complex Richland County, Ohio job.

Excavation equipment is the most efficient way to demolishing buildings, moving and compacting earth, cutting trees and brush, digging trenches, and more. However, this equipment can also be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Excavators need to be certified in the proper use of heavy equipment, and they need to follow all safety practices. They should also have plenty of experience under their belts.

Professional Excavation Contractors Have the Right Equipment

Every Richland County, Ohio construction project is different. Some involve large worksites, while others require workers to be operating in tight spaces. If you're putting in a pool, you can probably get away with a contractor who has just one good piece of equipment, but if your project is more involved, having a professional excavation contractor behind you with such equipment as excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, and skid steers, with all the various attachments will help ensure there is little to no downtime on your job.

Excavators Make Sure to Know their Worksite Before Digging In

Are you familiar with "Call Before You Dig," the nationwide program used by anyone doing excavation work for identifying and marking where underground utilities are located? Professional excavators take it seriously and for good reason. The last thing they want happening on any one of their Richland County, Ohio jobs is for a heavy equipment operator to dig into buried sewer or electrical lines. It could spell disaster for the job and quite possibly for their company.

Our professional excavation contractors make sure we know all the project specifications of our jobs, what we need to do and the schedules we need to follow. Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction will prepare in advance for when deliveries need to be made and where materials that leave the job site are to be disposed of. We establish plans for erosion and sedimentation control, so runoff doesn't create a problem on their site or a neighbor's. They follow safety protocols. We leave a clean site when we’re done. And we factor in schedule changes that may occur due to problems outside their control, such as inclement weather.

Want Quality Work? Hire a Professional

Our Excavation team plays an early and integral role in construction projects. If you're planning to have excavation work done in Richland County, Ohio, and surrounding hire an established pro like Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction. Your project success will depend on it.