Underground Utility Installation and Trenching with Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction

A trench is an excavation that is deeper than its width. While a trench and an excavation can refer to two different outcomes, the majority of construction projects require proper digging to ensure projects can run smoothly and safely. OSHA sets the standards for determining what’s classified as an excavation or a trench.

The Art of Construction Trenching

Trenching entails excavating channels in the earth that are long and narrow. The excavation process begins by examining factors that include the soil type along with the depth and width of the excavation. The next step is to determine the machinery that will bring about the required measurements.

Construction crews consider elements like benching, sloping, and shoring to prevent the soil from collapsing. Stability is the key. There are other concerns like whether utility lines need removing and relocating. The construction of foundations, drainage systems, and pipelines demands a knowledge of regulations, safety protocols, and extreme careful planning. Careful attention is paid to the process to prevent soil from collapsing later.

underground utility excavation and trenching

The Art of Construction Excavation

For project building, construction excavation is a critical phase. Construction companies begin the first step by surveying and assessing the construction location, possible hazards, and the conditions of the site’s soil. Their next step is likely to consider the equipment to use. The equipment can include backhoes, excavators, and bulldozers. These types of equipment can dig trenches and foundation pits or remove topsoil.

During this phase of the operation, construction crews can lay utility lines, and sewer and water lines. Additional options include oil and fuel lines, fiber optic cables, lines for subways, and light rail tracks to name several. An adherence to safety regulations and environmental concerns is vital throughout the entire construction process.

Why Pre-Planning Is Job One

There are numerous considerations to contend with on any construction site. This is what makes pre-planning the job site so critical. Digging trenches and construction details can never be left to chance. Every phase of the project should be clearly understood by everyone involved. Pre-planning can also help with allocating resources and working with an accurate budget.

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