What to Expect When Building Your Pond with Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction in Richland County, Ohio?

A pond can add peace and beauty to any yard, no matter where you live or the size of your property. However, most homeowners aren't sure where to start when building one. If you're thinking of adding a pond to your home, consider working with the professionals at Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction. We'll take you through the process, step by step, from the planning phase through the final steps of filling it with water and treating it so that your aquatic plants and animals can thrive. Here's a look at what you can expect when you choose our services:

Start with a plan

Before we create your pond, we'll help you come up with a plan to determine exactly what type of pond to build. You'll need to take your yard and the amount of space you have into consideration, as well as make sure you know where your utility lines run through your yard. You must take other aspects of the location into consideration, like trees you may need to remove or how much sun or shade the area gets. If your pond has a pump, you'll also need access to electricity.

Next, it's time to decide on the type of pond you want. Maybe you just want a small koi pond, or perhaps you want something elaborate with a waterfall. We'll help you choose a size, shape, and depth based on your space, and what you want to do with your pond. For example, if you want to add certain types of animals, you may need a pond that's a little deeper than average. Depth is also important if you live in an area that tends to freeze.

pond construction

Excavate the area

Once a plan is in place, we'll start breaking ground. We'll outline the shape of your future pond and begin excavating until we've created your desired shape, size, and depth. Generally, it's best to dig a little deeper than your desired depth so you have enough space for your liner and underlayment.

Place your tools, accessories, and liner

You'll need some tools and accessories for your pond, like a liner, material for the underlayment, a pump, a skimmer, and a filtration system. We'll help you choose the right ones for your project and install them once we finish the excavation. That process starts by placing them around the outside of the excavated area in their intended locations. Next, we'll install the underlayment and the liner.

Add any additional water features

Some people want additional water features in their ponds, such as a small stream or a beautiful waterfall. This will require some extra excavation, as well as some additional tools and accessories, like extra pipes or a waterfall box. If you've opted for these features, adding them, and ensuring they look exactly how you want them will be the next step in the process.

Make sure your liner is attached to your accessories

Once all the accessories are in place, we'll place and bury the pipes for them, and attach the liner to them. This will ensure your pond functions correctly and is aesthetically pleasing.

Place edging, gravel, and plants

Now, it's time for the fun part. We'll start by edging your pond with stones. Not only does this ensure the liner stays in place, but it can add even more beauty to your pond. During the planning process, we'll determine the types of stones you want to use and how sharp or soft you want your edges. Next, we'll add additional stones and gravel to the pond and any aquatic plants you've chosen. Plants and smaller stones can help make your pond feel like it blends in with the rest of your yard and fills in any gaps in the edging. They can also serve a purpose if you plan to add aquatic animals, like providing shade for fish.

Fill the pond and treat the water

Once the plants are in place, it's time to fill the pond with water. We'll ensure your pond is filled to its proper level. Once that's finished, we'll treat the water to remove chlorine and impurities. We'll also make sure your pond has the right bacteria for plant and animal life to thrive. Once we finish, you can begin adding animals and enjoying your pond. Just keep in mind that the pond will require maintenance throughout its lifespan to keep the water clean and the life that resides within it thriving.

Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction has the experience you need to answer any questions about a pond project in Richland County, Ohio. We invite you to contact us today.