The Most Common Septic Systems in Huron County, Ohio

For thousands of Ohio residents who are not connected to the city sewer line, installing a septic tank is their only option. Having a private drainage facility is economical and contributes to efficient wastewater management. However, there are different septic systems, and choosing the right one can be daunting.

Here are the four most common types of septic systems for people living in Huron County, Ohio:

Huron County, Ohio, Septic Tank and Filter Bed

Once someone has constructed a septic tank, the next crucial step is to decide where the wastewater drains. The first option is to drain the liquid waste into a filter bed. This soil absorption consists of gravel, filter sand, and mantle sand.

The septic tank has distribution laterals that drain wastewater evenly over the filter bed’s surface. Then, water percolates downward through the filter sand, gravel, and mantle sand. Finally, it finds its way to the native soil.

Septic Tank and Leach Lines/Field

The second option is to drain wastewater into a leach field. These fields consist of perforated pipes installed underground near the septic tank. Once liquid waste and contaminants are broken down in the septic tank, they flow into the leach fields via the pipes.

The perforation (tiny holes) allows wastewater to seep into the ground as it flows through the pipes. The soil then naturally filters it.

Septic Tank and Leach Well

Once solid waste in the septic tank sinks to the bottom of the septic tank, homeowners can choose to drain liquid waste into a leach well. This well is an underground concrete tank constructed adjacent to the septic tank.

Like leach lines, the leach well has holes throughout all its sides. It is surrounded by gravel that further filters wastewater before it seeps into the soil.

Aeration System

This system consists of an aeration tank that collects sewage effluent. Then, it treats the liquid waste through aerobic digestion of bacteria before draining it to the soil.

Apart from the tank, the aeration system has a soil absorption component that provides additional treatment and filtration of the effluent. Further, it has an aerator motor that pumps oxygen into the system.

The type of septic system to install depends on various factors, including the soil type in the yard and when somebody built the home. Irrespective of the type one chooses, all septic systems require routine inspections and maintenance to ensure they perform at their best.
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