Our Septic Tank Excavation & Installation Services in Knox County, Ohio

Eye Excavating & Construction is a locally owned business that serves Knox County & central Ohio. If you need an experienced septic tank service for your home or business, call us for the dependable service that you need. Septic tank issues can be very serious. If your tank is having issues, it is important that they be addressed asap.

The experienced technicians at Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction can tackle any job large or small. They will ensure that the job is done right the first time. You will need to call on our professionals if you notice any of the following:

•Water and sewage is backing up into your home from the toilets and sinks.
•Foul odor coming from around the tank and the drain field
•Decrease in flushing in the toilet and slow drain flow in shower and sink
•Bright green grass is sprouting around the septic tank even when the weather is dry.
•Algae blooms begin to develop around lakes and ponds

What Are The Reasons Why Your Septic System Isn't Working?

Clogged Pipes - When the pipes get backed up, the repair technician can snake out the line. The pipe and area will also be checked for obstructions like plant roots and crushed pipes.

Drainfield Failure - This can also cause water to back up into the home. Drainfield failure happens when too much water inundates the field.

Inlet Baffle Blocked - A professional can check for debris, toilet paper and more. Once they find out what is blocking it, it can be safely removed.

Outlet Baffle is blocked - If the outlet baffle is blocked, it will need to be pumped out to clear the blockage.

With Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction, you can count on our quality workmanship. We also have very fair prices. Once you call us about a quote, we will come out for an inspection. Once the terms are agreed upon, work will begin. We can assure you that all septic tank issues will be resolved in a timely manner.

We offer prompt and professional services whether you have a residence or a business. All our trained technicians have decades of experience. Eagle Eye Excavating & Construction can either fix or install your septic system quickly and efficiently. It doesn't matter how deep the ground is, we have the latest and most advanced equipment to get the job done.